Product Information

Thermacoat is composed of millions of hollow, micro ceramic beads that cluster together to create ‘dead air’ space. These act as a highly-efficient thermal blanket which is the fundamental key to Thermacoat’s remarkably high insulation characteristic. Made up entirely of non-toxic, synthetic, advanced technology materials, Thermacoat resists breakdown, unlike common paint products. It is not easily affected by thermal shock (extreme heat or cold temperatures), ozone decay, and environmental elements (rain, snow, dirt and air pollution, sand abrasion, harsh chemicals). Most paint products decay, crack, peel, fade, turn chalky or crusty, or simply decompose due to exposure to the elements. Thermacoat overcomes all of these perennial problems, thereby providing more value for your money.

Thermacoat also contains mould inhibitors, which in addition to the ceramic beads result in long term performance. When paint becomes tarnished or weathered, the once clean paint is rendered ineffective and absorbs more radiant heat.  Thermacoat will prevent major heat transfer in any environment, on any substrate, and on various materials such as metal, wood, cement, etc.  Thermacoat is a non-toxic synthetic material, and has superb fire-resistance properties, graded Class A by the UL Standards.

Thermacoat’s effectiveness is not reduced, even when applied on old roofs or walls as part of a restoration, or applied to ‘seal’ a building for heat insulation, prevent further corrosion or water leakage.

The success of Thermacoat as an energy-saving solution is attributed to its ability to counter ‘radiant heat’ transfer:

  • Reduce surface temperature by up to 45%
  • Reduce cooling costs by up to 40%
  • Reduce UV penetration by up to 96%
  • Reduce air-condition system workload.